Nutrition Programs

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Diet In Pregnancy

During this time your body needs additional nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. A diet lacking in these nutrients may negatively affect the baby’s development. Poor eating habits and excess weight gain may increase your risk of gestational diabetes and pregnancy & birth complications. Choosing healthy, nutritious balanced diet will help ensure the health of mother and baby.

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Diet In Cardiac Diseases

Several life style factors including diet, exercise, environment and genetic predisposition results in the initiation and progression of heart diseases. Adapting a healthy lifestyle with indigenous natural foods, increased physical activity, no smoking & alcohol leads to a disease free life.

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Food Intolerances

Food intolerance or food sensitivity occurs when a person has a difficulty digesting a particular food. This can lead to symptoms such as intestinal gas, abdominal pain & diarrhoea. Sometimes it’s misunderstood as a food allergy.

Examples are : Lactose intolerance, Gluten intolerance, or Egg intolerance.

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Diet Management In Diabetes

Success and failure with any drug that lowers blood glucose level depends on dietary adherence. Combination of glycemic index food can give wonderful results.

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Diet for Immunity Boosting

A strong immune system helps a person stay healthy by fighting all bacteria and viruses. Incorporating specific foods into your diet may strengthen your immune response.

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Diet for Lactation

The nutrients requirements during lactation are higher than that during pregnancy. Instead of focusing on weight loss, one should have nutritive food for the production of breast milk which in turn helps in weight loss.

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Weaning Diet

It is the gradual introduction of nourishment other than the milk to the infants. It starts at 6 months but some mothers introduce some liquids at 4 months depending on baby’s appetite and milestones achieved. Weaning food chart is made using easily available ingredients. The need for the iron and vitamins are essential beyond 6 months as breast milk and formula milk are insufficient.

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Diet for PCOD & PCOS

PolyCystic Ovary Disease (PCOD) – is a kind of hormonal disorder that affects one in 10 women. Besides unpredictable hormonal behaviour, this condition can trigger diabetes, infertility, acne or excessive hair growth. 12-45 years of age group can get affected.

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