For the entire past decade or so, I had diligently tried to get my act right when it came to fitness and weight management. However, it's only after I met Smita Roy Chowdhury that a whole new dimension to diet opened up. She made me realise the importance of diet in any fitness regime and much thanks to her, I'm in a much better position physically and mentally. Hats off to her.
Susanta Sengupta
Director - 6, Ballygunge Place
I want to express my appreciation for you efforts. You are thanked for the above and beyond received. The diet chart you prepared for me was really helpful. I followed the diet chart and it really worked on my overall fitness and growth. I am grateful to you for your help.
cricketplayer testimonial
Prabhat Maurya
Under 19, India Player
It was, is and will be till date one of my wisest decisions in life as I got introduced to a wonderful mentor, Ms Smita Roy Chowdhury. Perhaps the toughest challenge in an attempt to overcome obesity is the ability to maintain a disciplined diet. This is where Smita Mam, with her wonderful motivational pep talks and encouraging enthusiasm really helped and guided me towards maintaining a disciplined approach as regards my eating habits. From an extremely obese 90 kilos I have with Smita Mam' s guidance and advice lost 17 kilos. Now I weigh 73 kilos. More than even the weight loss, what makes me delighted is the relief from Chronic PCOD , which I was battling for the last 20 years.Honestly I had given up hope but a combination of exercise, regular walks at night and a complete change in eating habits has contributed to a transformation of my looks, attitude and personality. My mood swings have lessened and my energy and stamina has increased for the better. Infact I feel really good both mentally and physically about myself now. I give a lion's share of the credit to Smita Mam for being such a wonderful guide and adviser on this difficult yet rewarding journey of mine. May many more people come in contact with her and change their lives for the better like I have had the opportunity to do so.
testimonial ondrilla
Oindrilla Bhagat
Tarot Card Reader
An octogenarian like me have been greatly benefited by strict adherence to the diet chart prescribed by the Dietitian Smita Roy Chowdhury in controlling Diabetes as also other results of important health parameters, under control. The diet even proved more effective than medication
Her knowledge and selection of diet is highly updated and dealing with the patients exemplary and discourse highly motivation
testimonial shekhar
Shekhar Chatterjee
Chartered Accountant
We can proudly vouch that: with proper mix of exercise and strict compliance with diet chart,You can achieve your Goal/Target in short span of time with minimum pinch on your pocket.
testimonial trirath
Tirath Lal
Nutrition based diet when followed strictly gave us astonishing results. Reduction in Weight and Waist inches was phenomenal.
testimonial jayshree
Jayshree Lal
Smita’s diet helped not to just loose weight but feel much better. Best part was how easy it was and simple. She’s always reachable and gives many alternatives.
Supriya Pincha
Professor cum Art Creator
Mrs Smita Khanna Roy chowdhary is a very best nutritionist. I have reduced around 20 kgs in 5 months. During my weight loss journey I observed that she believes in a high level of professionalism and sincerity in every task. She firmly believes in eating right thing at a right time. and thereby giving her clients the ability to quickly achieve and maintain health goals and live a happier healthier and longer life.
Deepak Soni
Company Secretary
Smita Mam is a one-of-a-kind nutritionist! She portrays a high level of professionalism and sincerity in every task she undertakes. Her comprehensive approach combined with cutting edge interventions and in depth personalized assessment and testing make her a very unique nutritionist. She firmly believes in eating right thereby giving her clients the ability to quickly achieve and maintain their personal health goals and live a happier, healthier and longer life." I have had a great experience with her and I have blind faith on her. I can’t trust anyone else when it comes to nutrition.
Arpita Agarwal
Management Professional
I am really thankful of Mrs smita Khanna Roy chowdhury for helping me in reducing my weight. She is very approachable and her diet plans includes variety of food so i never feels bored from my diet. She always reply quickly when required, listen to the problems and gives expert advice which always proves helpful to me . I recommend every person who want to go for weight reduction to consult her once and see the results in a couple of days....thankyou once again !!!!!!
Rashi Soni
The idea of weight loss was a challenge and seemed difficult till I met my nutritionist. Being associated with her with my routinely eating habits helps me maintain a healthy diet. She not only guides me about the food that would help me reduce but also focuses on my body type and my health concerns. I have seen positive results everytime I follow her diet charts. Some of my friends and family lost more than 15 kgs easily by following her. The constant and consistent motivation from her end pushes one to achieve the goals and to stay focused. I am grateful to have her in my journey to weight loss and to attain a healthy body.
Gunjan Kasera Agarwal
Company Secretary (ICSI)
I have been totally blown away by the results of the diet charts and guidance given by Ms Smita Khanna Roy Chowdhury Maam which you have so mindfully adapted to my likes and dislikes. Not only have I lost the fat I wanted to lose without stepping foot in a gym, but I have also got more energy and I feel much healthier overall. I am eating more food than I did before I started with you but I now have the satisfaction of enjoying palatable yet healthy dishes! One of the great things about seeing and knowing you Maam, is the knowledge ...that you impart all along and your ability to comprehend the very delicate link between eating habits and the MIND.. I now feel more empowered to be able to make the right choices in regards to my food to ensure that I keep myself healthy.Even though I am in the habit of overindulging sometimes but I always know who to turn to...to get back on track! Thank you so much Maam!
Prenkha Saha Das
Teacher at The Future Foundation School
I know Smita Khanna Roy Chowdhury for a many years and have seen her gain experience and grow into a wonderful and a dedicated practitioner of nutritional therapy. She has helped us as a volunteer with“PRERAK—support for cancer fighters and other major illnesses “with her expertise. She has been a big support for the Non-Profit Organisation in working for the Healingthruart projects and raising awareness by representing PRERAK in Marathons .. We are grateful for her contribution and wish her well in furthering her career.
Rati Chand Vajpeyi
Doctor-MD. Fiscc, CANcoach
Year 2015. I was struggling with my husband Amirul Islam (60 yrs MD, BENGAL MEGA FOOD PARK.) and daughter's (Naadiyah Islam 16 yrs. Student) health issues. Stressed and tired as my husband's blood sugar level was high and my daughter was overweight and prediabetic. She was only 11 years old. Our lives hovered around medical practitioners and health clinics without any results. We had by then , lost hope. And all of a sudden, miraculously, we met Ms. Smita Roy Chowdhury. She breathed in 'hope ' in our hearts. She brought about a change in our lifestyle and approach towards good living. Her confidence gave us hope and assurance. Her diet plans helped my daughter to shed extra calories and my husband's sugar level became more stable. Difficult to express how easy and comfortable we felt after following her diet regime. The way she counseled my little daughter was remarkable. I always remember her in my prayers and wish her the very best in her life.
Afreen Islam
Vice principal, AKP SCHOOL
I had the pleasure of meeting Smita after I have tried many different ways to lose weight and have failed. On meeting Smita I learned how to understand the food I eat and how my body works with this food. Smita never restricted my eating habits but showed me how to introduce healthier things into my diet. I am pleased to say that through her program I have lost weight as well as feel good about reaching my goals. “Thanks Smita for helping me make permanent changes to my lifestyle which will benefit me for the rest of my life. I feel great! “ A great many men & women would be thankful in years to come for her contribution to living a happier, healthier and longer life. Utmost professional yet she has a compassion and dedication to her clients. All her efforts aligned towards reaching favourable results.
jayanti gupta
Jayanti Gupta
Home maker
My wife and I both in our sixties, consulted Dr Smita Khanna Roy Chowdhury two years back as we both both were overweight had some parameters in our blood test which required correction. She worked out a diet regimen for us which was practical and not very difficult to follow. I am delighted to mention that within three months we had had a reduction in weight as well as correction of the parameters. We would be glad to recommend her.
G. M. Kapur
Management Consultant
I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts you’ve taken for me. Just being under your guidance I’ve lost 18kgs (from 88 to 70) ,reduced my cholesterol and got a grip on my blood sugar level. Without your help I could never have done this. I would love to thank you from bottom of my heart as only because of you I have started loving myself and became even more confident.“Thanks Smita for helping me make permanent changes to my lifestyle which will benefit me for the rest of my life. I feel great! “ A great many men & women would be thankful in years to come for her contribution to living a happier, healthier and longer life. Utmost professional yet she has a compassion and dedication to her clients. All her efforts aligned towards reaching favourable results.
Satyajit Saha
Satyajit Saha
I am 48 plus years old and I am obese. I was diabetic with hypertension and several other ailments. A family friend recommended Smita Khanna Roy Chowdhury so I contacted her. After going through my reports she gave me a diet plan. The best part about her diet plan was that it could be customised for any type of cuisine, in our household we just had to alter the proportions of ingredients in the cooking and the portion of items in the daily menu. The food was filling and I never really had to starve. In about six weeks I lost twelve kilograms and five and a half inches, but more importantly, my blood picture after the diet plan showed that I have become pre-diabetic, my blood pressure has reduced to normal levels and most other ailments have come to normal levels. My doctor has reduced dosage of some of the medicines that I was having and eliminated a few. Thanks to Smita Khanna Roy Chowdhury for such a great gift to me. “Thanks Smita for helping me make permanent changes to my lifestyle which will benefit me for the rest of my life. I feel great! “ A great many men & women would be thankful in years to come for her contribution to living a happier, healthier and longer life. Utmost professional yet she has a compassion and dedication to her clients. All her efforts aligned towards reaching favourable results.
survo roy chowdhury
Suvo Roy Chowdhury
I had the pleasure of getting in touch with Dr. Smita Khanna a couple of months back, when I contacted her for nutrition and weight loss counseling. Throughout my lifetime, I have tried many different ways to lose weight and have mostly failed. With Dr. Smita’s program I learned how to understand the food I eat and how my body works with this food. Dr. Smita did not restrict my eating habits but showed me how to introduce healthier things into my diet. Dr. Smita taught me which foods encourage a healthier lifestyle and healthier living. Thank you for your help and support
Kaustav Bhattacharya
Manager - Business consultant
For the past 5-6 years I have been looking for a right dietician who can help guide me correctly for my diabetes and change of lifestyle. I connected with Smita around October where my diabetes was really high (A1C number was around 11) and I really needed a change in diet and right timing to eat. After I started with Smita, I changed my eating habits and followed the correct diet. The best part was that I was eating the right food at the right time and it was not that hard. It went really well and at the end of 3 months I reduced my A1C 8 and still working to get it better. Thank you Smita for your help and efforts
Nikhil Shah
supply chain consultant - San Jose California
I have always been slightly overweight and had weight issues throughout my life. I was looking to find a nutrition consultant who can help me change my lifestyle and make me more independent. Recently i gained lot of COVID weight which has started impacted my health such as should her aches and back issues. I was also diagnosed with pre-diabetic condition (A1C 8). It’s been 6 months and I am still to continuing my consultation with Smita. She is an awesome coach. She truly motivates you all along, stands by you in the dieting struggles and pushes you enough to move ahead. She is very engaged with her clients, takes keen interest in understanding the health history and then designing diets for the further. Smita has helped me overcome my biggest hurdle of sustaining food habits beyond dieting period as well. Her holistic approach is helping me change how I live, not just what I eat. A big shout out to Smita!!!
avani parikh
Avani Parikh
Human Capital Consultant - San Jose
When I had started with your diet plan my health was in ruins . Hb1AC was 12 and had just recovered from SARS covid 19 and weight up to 81 kilograms . Your constant motivation and dietary guidance has helped me to reduce my body weight detox it and bring my BMI to normal as it was during my early 20s . Now I feel active lean and very motivated . Mam , your quote ,* the Gut is our second brain * has become a dietary mantra for me to follow for rest of my life . Due to your guidance I feel that I would now live longer and happier than ever before . Thank you mam for your help and support 
dhawal anand
Mr.Dhawal Anand
SME Johnson controls India
I would highly recommend Smita's services to anyone who wants to loose weight. Her diet plan was so simple that i did not have to buy separate groceries to do it. The diet plan results were amazing - 24 pounds weight loss in 4 months. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is willing to make a lifestyle change.
Bhakti Shivarekar
Lawyer - Fermont USA

If you're googling for the best Dietitian then stop and search for Lifestyle coach
Smita Khanna Roy Chowdhury
I've had an amazing experience with her diet chart, she focuses on every detail and problems, reverse your issues. I had consulted her for the increase in my sugar levels and within 2 weeks I see them drop from 205 to 140 and when you see results like these you want to go on with it and I am doing that for the betterment of my health. I want to thankyou Smita Ma'am for guiding me through this journey, for taking me to the path of becoming a better version of myself.
Rohit Suri
Rohit Suri
Businessman - 48 Years
My weight loss journey has been long. After getting diagnosed with PCOD, reducing weight became the toughest job. I had gone to many dieticians but nothing worked, then I met Smita Ma’am and she made it so easy ! Her diet was simple and so easy to follow and it wasn’t boring or difficult at all like all the other diet charts which I have been given before. By following her diet I definitely lost my weight but most importantly my PCOD condition started improving, my cysts became smaller and my menstrual cycle was regular again. I was so happy. Her diet also helped me get rid of my digestive problems like acidity and bloating. Believe me her diet charts work like magic. They are so unique and helpful. She is definitely the best dietician I have ever met and I recommend her to everyone.
Noel Mondal
Noel Mondal - 21 years
Student - DY Patil School of medicine, Navi Mumbai
I would like to thank smita maam for guiding my nutritional requirements during pregnancy. She helped me understand how to use our traditional knowledge to have a healthy diet and stay fit during pregnancy. The diet was very easy to manage and helped me avoid unnecessary weight gain. Goodness of local and traditional food in right proportion and right time helped me stay fit and added to my happiness during the most glorious phase of my life!
P Shetty
Parathana Kshettry - 35 years
Data Scientist - Mumbai
I have been wanting to share this with you that my husband has been having the magic drink you prescribed for him in the year 2019. He has been having it without fail and it has really helped him to gain little weight, bowel movement and above all his immunity has really gone high. The turmeric ( kacha halud) has done wonders for his immunity. He wanted me to convey his thanks to you. Thank you Smita
Health conditions: Nothing in particular except he was prone to catching cold with the slightest of weather change..and in the last three years he has not had any episode of cold and cough!! Touchwood!! She is definitely the best dietician I have ever met and I recommend her to everyone.
Debashish Roy - 62 years
I cannot thank Smita enough for her help. With Dr. Smita's plan, I was able to get back into shape. Thanks to her help, I was able to understand what food is best for my body and how it affects my body. She was helpful throughout the journey and helped me overcome this huddle. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who seeks to get back into shape
Ms. Chetna Surana - 42 years
Graduate - Homemaker
Post my second covid infection, when I was referred to Ms Smita Khanna Roy Chowdhury (by one of her clients) - I was nearly 95kgs , finding it difficult to control my eating habits and urges , under medication for hypertension and cholesterol and barely managing to get proper sound sleep. Exercising was not an option - because of breathlessness.
I knew that I had to do something about it, because the doctors were sounding all the alarm bells for me - telling me that I needed lifestyle changes and exercise.
I was clueless on how I could bring about such changes.
I had consulted other nutritionists before, but that did not work out too well for me. On meeting Smita, she not only knew what was required , she was also able to take me through the entire process of losing weight - making it easy so that I don’t give up !
She was able to chalk out a clear and most importantly "very realistic and achievable" dietary regime for me - something that I could inculcate into my daily routine without "any" difficulty. Two months later, I have lost nearly 15 kgs , and several inches of waistline, my sleep has never been better , I am less grumpy and numerous problems that I have had due to weight gain have started disappearing. My entire eating pattern has changed for the better and I don’t regret it even the slightest - because I still get to eat what I like, only eat it differently.
The results have been incredible so far - losing 15 kgs without exercise and only through dietary changes !!
I thank Smita for her counsel and guidance in this weight loss journey.

Thanks coach !
Samik Sanyal - 42 years
Senior Learning and Development Instructor - IBM / Red Hat India
Diet is not an easy thing to get right for a stage IV endometriosis patient - pain has been a way of life for me for the past 12+ years.
When I approached Smita to help me with my diet - I was half expecting her to say "can’t fix endo with diet" ! To my amazement she did NOT turn me away - in fact she took up the case quite confidently.
Within a week - she started pointing out things that I needed to address to get my food habits in order.
She has a deep understanding of nutrition, lifestyle patterns and Bengali food habits.
Soon indigestion and hyper-acidity were addressed significantly by her diet, up to a point where taking multiple antacids became a thing of the past. Along with endometriosis, I have several other medical conditions that result in further complications relating to diet. Smita addressed these one at a time and provided best possible solutions.
Smita has made more difference to my life and wellbeing than all other doctors put together.
While I continue to have several medical challenges, I can confidently say that for diet and nutrition - I need not consult anyone else.
Thanks Smita !
Shruti Sanyal - 39 years
UX Designer
I have found guidance, love discipline and friendship all in one person. You have helped me with my weight management for more than 10 years now. I have never had to continue your plans for a very long time honestly because ur plans gave me fantastic results in a very short span of time. You have never insisted on continuing any plan for a very long time and have been very practical about eating out too which makes the journey very smooth. There is not a day that I had to starve. The way you spontaneously reply to any queries is so commendable no one can ever get stuck anywhere.
I use to feel so guilty eating out but thank you so much for the amazing tips you have given to maintain the weight. Loosing weight is not difficult. What is difficult is to maintain what you have lost.
Thanks a lot for your love and support.
I was struggling with my weight gain for last few years and tried dieting several times. But could not reduce my weight. The diet plan I tried earlier did not work due to lack of knowledge about proper dieting and eating at right time. But my perception changed completely when I met Ms Smita Roy Chowdhury 4 months back. She had given me a diet plan according to my requirement and also motivated me to stick to the same. I was amused by her knowledge about dieting and nutrition. I was 77 Kg when I started following her diet plan. Now, I have reduced my weight by 11 Kg within a span of 4 months. She possesses excellent knowledge about proper diet and nutrition. She changes the diet chart not only to the requirement of each individual whenever required but also takes care of their work schedule. Being a busy mother, I could not always find time to continue with the diet chart. But she enquired about my daily schedule and gave the diet chart in such way so that I could stick to the same. I learned to eat right portion at the right time from her. Thanks a lot ma'am for your diet plan and encouragement throughout my weight loss journey.
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