Choose wisely every morsel you partake inside your mouth   for the sake of sweetness.

Actually these love morsels act as poison inside the body. Remember the proverb” looks are deceptive”. In this season of love we indulge in fake artificial love called white sugar.

Let me clear some doubts.

Two types of sugar

1.Natural sugar ( visible)

2.Invisible sugar.

 1.Natural Sugars:-They   are derived  from  direct  nature  Matlab seedha connection with heart and mother earth. These are the ones  which are whole and are unprocessed ( i.e. they don’t come in any packaged form).They are found in fruits, milk , tubers etc

 2.Hidden Sugars:-Found in everything which sells off the shelf. We can say

Fake love or hidden love

in food labels. The ingredients on food labels are listed by   quantity. So, if a form of sugar is one of the first five ingredients, that means there is a lot of sugar in it. Check the ingredients list for sugar, corn syrup, or sweeteners like dextrose ,fructose, honey, or molasses.

It is found in breads, biscuits, cakes, lollies, ice cream, frozen desserts etc. Even low calories snacks.

Food high in sugars are linked with obesity, lifestyle diseases and tooth decay.

In today’s Era Food has also become so fashionable. Latte, exotic cakes like pinnata, pull up and much more are fancy names. They all look like fashionable luxury. It would be safe to surmise that trends surrounding food have also harnessed the power of the fashion industry in the sense that it is full of fads – some successful and long-lasting, and some a bust.

But actually sugar is carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are a class of energy yielding substances which include starch, glucose, sugar etc.

The two main form of carbs are:

1. Simple Carbohydrates (or simple sugars)are  called

  1. a) Monosaccharide including fructose, glucose and galactose. Honey and fruit are abundant natural sources of simple sugar.


  1. b) Compound sugars are called Disaccharides or double sugars.

Common examples are 

a)Sucrose = (glucose + fructose),
examples sugar cane  and  sugar beet, Table sugar, granulated sugar and refined sugar, dates .

b) Lactose = (glucose + galactose)
examples found in milk and dairy products.

c) Maltose = (glucose + glucose)
examples found in wheat, cornmeal, barley etc. Fruits are common sources of maltose especially peaches and pear.


2.Complex carbohydrates (or starches) found in food such as starchy vegetables ,whole grains , rice, bread and cereals.

Eating sugar gives your brain a huge surge of a feel-good chemical called dopamine that is why during stress and depression individuals tend to eat sweets during odd hours. BUT REMEMBER SOLUTIONS TO ALL THE PROBLEMS


unseen hidden love

Harmful effects of overeating love opps I meant sugar


  1. Rising Diabesity:-



  1. Sugar makes organs fat:- A diet which is high in sugar or fructose triggers your liver to store fat leading to non alcoholic fatty liver. This is a prevalent disease in kids and young adults too.


  1. Sugar affects Heart Disease too:- Chronically high insulin levels cause the muscle cells around each blood vessel in your arteries to grow faster than normal, leading to high blood pressure and other heart ailments.


  1. Sugar is bad for cholesterol:-  High consumption of sugar leads to spike in unhealthy cholesterol and reduces lower level of cholesterol.


  1. Sugar can leads to depression:- Sugar rush lasts for only 30 minutes then it drops and crashes you. Long term consumption of junk and high sugar food leads to fluctuating mood which ultimately leads towards depression.

Goal of life should be to achieve a balanced State of mind.

  1. Sugar is Addictive:- Sugar triggers the release of chemicals – opioids and dopamine – that activate the brain’s pleasure centre. It doesn’t take long to acquire a tolerance, meaning you need larger doses.

Remember mindful eating is about awareness. When you eat mindfully, you slow down, pay attention to the food you’re eating, and savor every bite. You don’t become a Glutton then.

 What all are in our hands to keep away the harmful effects of hidden love:-

  1. Check the label on food especially so called healthy cereals, fruit juices, biscuits etc. Don’t become educated fools.


  1. Don’t get misled by advertisements and social media. It’s all an eyewash.


  1. Honestly check the consumption of sugar in your daily meal.


  1. Cut down on sugary meals and treat yourself with your favorite traditional sweet .Keep the heirloom recipe intact. It has a lineage too (once a week as reward.


  1. Replace Craving with Fruits, nuts and seeds .


  1. Remember seasonal  fruits in moderation is the key.mangoes  can’t be fattening



  1. Excessive fruits are also not good for your health. Even they are high in sugar.


  1. Eat frequent meals.


  1. Hydrate yourself.


  1. You are the master of your mind let nobody makes you a slave and dictate the terms.

unseen hidden love


Life is a journey, enjoy the ride.

Make wisest choices but the crux is to live life joyfully.

9 thoughts on “2 Much Hidden Love”

  1. Kya sunder likha hai bahut kuch padha sugar par itna simple tareeke se sugar ke baare mein tumne bataya …….. jaberdast bahna👌👍👏

  2. For a person like me who hv a sweet tooth is very difficult to resist frm such cravings but after reading ur article i m lil’ scared… Will definitely try to get back this time 👍

  3. Again a very interesting and eye opening article.

    I do have a sugar tooth and sometimes it become difficult to abstain myself not to eat anything in sweet.

    Now, if I will be having such craving next time then I will definitely try fruits or dry fruits or seeds.

    Thanks for the article and let such more interesting ones keep coming.

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