What does EAT RIGHT STAY BRIGHT signify ?
What strikes one when we are acquainted with this phrase ?

Eating Right
provides us with a distinct set of variegated diets which are heavily influenced by caste, creed, religion and most importantly geographical locations.

Building on the influence of geographical locations and regions on one’s diet, we can identify many eating patterns. For example, individuals living in the eastern part of India, may consider consumption of a variety of piscis based delicacies in their meals as eating right, while people residing in the northern part may be satiated by the consumption of dairy products in high concentration. Hence, ‘eat right stay bright’ is relative concept.

However, it is important to be cognizant of the fact that staying right and bright is way beyond the simple ingestion of sundry food. The contemporary world must recognize the spiritual implication of this concept too. Adequate quantity of a dish consumed with love may provide a greater sense of satiation in comparison to a buffet.

Balance of mind and body can help in reaping  benefits to mankind. Which in turn can help in building the ultimate world free from Dis-ease”.

But the question is how can eat right stay bright be attained and can all of us attain ?

This utopian concept unlike most others is attainable if one is ready to put in all the effort. By making major changes in our lifestyle we may succeed in getting rid of major diseases.

Some of these changes are:-


1. Start your day with positive attitude

Feed the mind a positive seed in the morning and it shall harvest the reward all day. Count your blessing and be grateful. With this affirmation all the food we eat will energize zillions of cells and make our mind and body brighter.

2. Do not starve yourself. Feast & Fast should be avoided.

Like many other concepts, the true unadulterated definition of ‘being healthy’ is misunderstood in the 21st century. Health parameters cannot be judged by numbers and people just blindly  try to attain them  by torturing themselves . This is a common case where the avant-garde technology of the contemporary world toys with the rationality of humans. 
They practise unhealthy and unproctored abstention and find themselves facing health complications including warning signs like feeling famished, irritable depression. On the other hand some become gluttons whatever comes on the plate they grab it and call themselves foodie.

Listen to your gut. It is your second brain and all the health  issues can be prevented.

3. Eat after every 2-3 hours.

Simple steps for ensuring a healthy life. Eat after a time period of 2-3hrs. Amount of food should be fist full. Remember how monks ask alms? It signifies how much food is required by our body. Maintain a gap in between your meals. We may engrave in our minds that superfoods should be consumed only in strict moderation,

4.Never eat fruits after your meal.

Food and fruit gap should be maintained, else the human body cannot reap its benefits. Fiber in fruit can slow the release of food from the stomach,

5. Have 15 glasses of water daily.

Drinking enough water each day is crucial for many reasons including regulating body temperature, keep joints lubricated, prevention of infections, delivery of nutrients to cell and keeping organs functioning properly. Being well hydrated also improves sleep quality, averts sleep apnoea and ameliorates cognition and mood.

Sometimes the brain cannot distinguish between hunger and thirst. When we drink sufficient water our portion size of food reduces.

6. Divert your mind from food. There are more interesting things in life.

Existence and prevalence of social media has resulted in people putting up a façade in regards to their health, well being and diet. There is no harm in participation in recent trends by thinking, arranging, cooking, experimenting with food but life is much beyond it. We should eat to live not to live to eat.

Develop a hobby. Try to learn something new. There are so many arenas to explore. It is also important to realise that social media manipulates one psychologically and stipulates negative body images or sneakily leads to insecurity or even body dysmorphia.

Eat right stay bright concept should be inculcated in the grass root level. Health is a priority. Healthy living should be the only way of life. Simple doable solutions are the key to good physical and mental health.

Together we can.

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  1. I’m rinki meher, I’m inspiring for become a model and an actress. As a model and actress health and fitness matter a lot in that field before I meeting Smita Khanna Roy choudhary I have over weight and fatty body now she is my personal dietion she is guide me and now my Life style my fitness is amazing such a she is a great dietion thanks to Smita Khanna Roy choudhary.

  2. Shuvashree Mustafi

    I am Shuvashree Mustafi.For a person like me who is a foodie its very hard to reduce weight but she has always guided me with flexible and easy diet to maintain. And came up with right solution to help me reduce my weight.Before I met her I consulted few dietcian but it was very hard to follow their diet.I always come back to her because I think she is the best dietician I have met who understands her patient lifestyle and listen to her all queries and then guide her, which is just great. Thank you Smita Mam for your help.

  3. You’ve touched upon several aspects. Each body type , weather, geographical aspects are different so one standard formula cannot fit in. I like your simple and doable approach which can have long term benefits. Thanks Smita for influencing so many in their health journey.

  4. I am Navya Raj, have been under Smita ma’am’s guidance for over 4 months. Because of her flexible and easy diets, I have been able to reduce a alot of weight which I never imagined I could. She has been very helpful and supportive throughout. Thank you so much ma’am!

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