“SATTU” Instant Energy Power house is made by Bengal gram, roasted “cicer arietium”.

This Desi Power house of Nutrient:

100 gram of sattu contains :-
20.6 percent protein,
7.2 percent fat,
1.35 percent crude fibre,
65.2 percent carbohydrates,
2.95 percent moisture and
406 calories.

India is the largest producer of Bengal gram in the world. The major producing states are Madhya Pradesh, Uttar pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh.

Sattu is slight courser than Besan. Sattu is prepared by dry roasting grains or grams, most often barley or Bengal gram. 

The difference between besan and sattu is besan is the flour of raw gram, sattu is the flour of the roasted gram and may look slightly coarser than besanBesan is raw gram flour only, but sattu is prepared not only of roasted gram but many other cereals.

High on Energy, low on carbohydrates , rich in lycein protein, fibre, calcium, manganese and magnesium.


  1. Improves bowel movement:
    Consuming it on an empty stomach improves the digestive tract. It has salt, iron and fibre, which reduces the problem, associated with stomach and improves the bowel movement.

    2. Flushes out toxins:
    The high amount of insoluble fibre in sattu is great for the intestines. It cleans the colon, detoxifies it and prevents constipation which is the major cause of all gut problems and because if it vitamins and minerals are not absorbed by the body which causes major deficiencies.
    It has detoxifying properties. Consuming it every day keeps you healthy and protects you from several health ailments.

    3. Increases appetite:
    Consuming sattu sherbet on an empty stomach increases appetite. This happens due to the presence of potassium and magnesium in it.

    4. Helps in weight loss:
    It reduces bloating, increases metabolism and helps your body burn calories effectively. It is fantastic mid morning snack.

    5. Increases energy:
    When consumed on an empty stomach, It stimulates the growth of the red blood cells in the body. When your body has more red blood cells, your body gets more oxygen, which provides you with more energy throughout the day.

    6. Acts as a coolant:
    It keeps your body hydrated and helps you beat the summer heat. A chilled glass of sattu sharbat keeps you fresh and hydrated throughout the day. It cools the stomach and prevents indigestion. In rural areas it has long been used to cool down the body and to quench the thirst during summer

    7. Good for people with diabetes and high bp:
    Sattu is a natural blood pressure regulator. Its Glycemic Index is low so its cheapest antidote for Diabetes. Have it every day to control your blood sugar level.

    8. Sports Drink: It is a fantastic pre workout drink for Gym goers & sports person because it quickly spikes the Energy and retain the balance. Since it is readily available and is a premix is very good for replenishing nutrients loss during practice sessions of Games like cricket, football, basket ball, badminton. Sattu mixed with peanuts are fantastic pre workout Drink. This gives energy.

Sattu mixed with bananas are very source of Energy and good for gaining muscles and strength.

  • It can be consumed as a Drink with onions, lemon, rock salt.
  • It can be sweet drink with jaggery /honey
  • Its small dough are made and consumed with local spiced
  • Some have it as litthi. (sattu-stuffed balls of flour baked in coal fire, served with spiced mashed potato and vegetable curry)
  • Parathas, puris and roti’s are made with sattu and are consumed widely.
  • Sweets are also made of sattu like laddos which are good for mid morning snacks

Its Benefit can be reaped by children, pregnant women as well as old people.

It is cost effective that is it’s very cheap. It’s locally available so it doesn’t have any preservatives.

It is  made in our country so if we propagate consuming this we help in the economic growth of your farmers and in turn help in the  economy of our nation
      So SATTU is  not  only “Poor Man’s drink” it  is CHEAPEST,INSTANT, ENERGY HOUSE FOR ALL AND SUNDRY.

67 thoughts on “SATTU”

  1. Yes Sattu is indeed a super energy food as in my growing years at dhanbad have consumed lot of litti and also sattu especially during summer months.

  2. Yes Sattu is indeed a super energy food as in my growing years at dhanbad have consumed lot of litti and also sattu especially during summer months.

  3. Thanks fr sharing so many benefits of Sattu.This is my most favorite summer drink bit now onwards ‘ld luv to consume it in other forms as well😊

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  6. Indeed Sattu is a wonderful drink. I used to have it during summers, a delicious sweet drink my grandma used to make.
    Thanks Smita for sharing this article, will include Sattu in our meal again…. long lost desi food 😉

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